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February 20, 1962... The day John Glenn became a National hero by being the first American launched into earth's orbit. That day also served as the charter date for another bold, American venture also founded with the "right stuff" ... Fashion 220 cosmetics.

Our legacy has included the introduction of innovative, world class cosmetics cherished by a legion of "I won't use anything else" Associates and customers. As one of the first and most well respected water-based skin care and cosmetic lines on the market today, we have countless satisfied customers that know what makes Fashion Two Twenty different. Our unique water-based formulas are quite simply the best products available on the market today for your skin. Our water-based skin care offers world class everyday skin care to keep your skin looking young and beautiful and our award winning water-based makeup will keep your face feeling great and looking amazing. Give us a try today and you will know what makes Fashion Two Twenty cosmetics different!

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