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Cream concealer is used to "camoflage" freckles and small blemishes.Can also be used to conceal dark shadows around the eyes or as a base for eyeshadow to create greater staying power and depth of color. Product is dispensed from a clear, lucite "prism" tube with a wand having a sponge applicator.


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There are 3 review(s) for this product

  • drying

    by Vivian Lebrun – 18th Jan 2019

    I am sorry to report...after only 2 uses, I find it drying under my eyes. I've 220 for over 50 years. I love it! Tried other products, never found anything to compare. I never used under eye cover and tried this one. (I had tried another but found that one drying. It was less expensive). I really thought it would be worth extra money to get something I KNOW would be gentle and creamy. I am disappointed. Still going with 220 and will continue to give this product another go. . . maybe adding a little water for spreading?

  • Title your Review

    by Chris – 22nd Apr 2015

    The color was fine and it covered my dark spot perfictly.

  • makes imperfections perfect!

    by Donna – 28th Dec 2014

    I like this product because it hides lines and dark spots and circles. I have used this product since 1968 and will never switch to anything else. It is the best!!!

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